Tim wrote:
Why couldn't you guys make a install easy instead of this and that, ok I am a newbie and it should be easy, I have installed Ubuntu, it was like a dream, smooth as silk, Fedora pretty much the same FreeBSD, its a nitemare if you have never done it, I am now reloading windows and then putting back Ubuntu, unless someone over there can make it simple even for me.

If you want simple installation why don't you stick to windows?

This question is a faq, improving the installer is low priority. The fact is that most FreeBSD users don't really care:

It works, it installs, and once you've got your system installed you'll never use it again. There is no need for an annual reinstallation as some other OS'es tend to require. So your initial effort to get started pays off, I think.

Cheers, Erik

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