John Birrell wrote:
Quite frankly it is of no importance as the community were not the ones with a say about it, the FreeBSD management were and they did.

The new logo was selected using a democratic vote of people who have commit privileges to the various parts of FreeBSD. This was conducted many,
many months ago. There were legal issues that needed to be resolved by
the FreeBSD Foundation before the logo could be used. That work is now
complete and so you get to see the new logo.

Those people who want to influence decisions like the selection of a new
logo really only have _one_ way to have a say. Ranting on a mailing list
is *not* that way.

If you contribute to FreeBSD and earn the right to a commit bit, then you
get a chance to vote on who becomes a member of the core group and things
like the selection of a new logo.

When you refer to the "FreeBSD management" you are really referring to the
people who have been elected as members of the core group. They work to
guide the project, but when it comes to things like a new logo, that
decision is made by the people who have the right to change parts of FreeBSD.

So people can "huff and puff and try to blow the house down" in this thread, but the only thing that makes any difference is what the people
who have earned a vote think.

Perfect, couldn't agree more.


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