Barnaby Scott wrote:

So, I installed Firefox from ports, having made sure everything was bang up to date. Evrything seemed to go perfectly well, but lo and behold, first attempt to use it and I get this:

(firefox-bin:582): Gtk-Warning **: Cannot open display

What the..?

I have searched for this problem and found plenty of references similar error messages, but none of it seems to apply in my case. I am not trying to run Firefox as root, I am not doing it from a remote terminal, I am not standing in a bucket of water, I have the computer plugged in.

I think these are Good Things(tm), 'though I have been able to operate
a browser whilst standing in a bucket of water.

Q: Are you running an X display at the time this message is given,
or are you attempting to run Firefox from the console?

Kevin Kinsey

                -- Jack Handley, The New Mexican, 1988.

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