hello everyone!

I'm really sorry to ask over here, but sick and tired browsing and asking around.

 I'm on latest FreeBSD 6.1R latest KDE and latest firefox 1.5.3
I cannot find the flash plugins for Konqueror because no more port for it, (linux-flashplgin6)

So i have installed Firefox, now i'm lost, which in port is the flash plugin?

 I have linux-flashplugin7 installed, linuxpluginwrapper,

 But flash still not workin in firefox, i dont know what to do now?
Will someone kindly guied me for this? how to install flash, for firefox? and enable it.

 Also How to install java? on firefox? it would be my next step.

Is there by any chance away to run flash for Konqueror? or better to delete this package if im
 having firefox?
 Thanks so much.


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