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What about using 2 floppies? The first, your FreeDOS disk, to boot from,
then, once booted, change to the disk you have put the BIOS executable on?

Svein Halvor Halvorsen wrote:
> I have a problem with my laptop, and before Dell will consider taking it
> back, I have to go through their checklist and make sure I've tried
> everything on that list first. This includes upgrading the BIOS.
> The problem is that Dell provides the BIOS upgrade in two forms:
> (a) A DOS executable
> (b) A Windows self-contained utility to make a boot floppy
> Since I have neither Windows nor a floppy disk, I'll have to be
> creative. I thought that maybe I could install some boot code on a USB
> flash drive, newfs_msdos, and copy FreeDOS along with the executable (a)
> mentioned above.
> Problem is: How do I install the boot code on the drive? FreeDOS
> provides a floppy-image, so I thought I could just dd that to my USB
> drive, and boot off of that. But I need to put the BIOS upgrade utility
> on the disk as well, and it is 784 kiB. Could I grow the image?
> Any pointer appreciated
>       Svein Halvor

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