In the last episode (Jan 02), MikeM said:
> It was a surprise to me (but probably not to those on this list) that
> the file system does not handle that many files in an expeditious
> manner (I'm being kind here).
> Is there anything I can do so that the file system works faster with
> such a large number of files?  I'm looking for an increase in the
> area of 5 to 1. For example, the command "rm -rf misc" where "misc"
> is the directory containing the 250,000 files takes a couple of hours
> to run.  If "misc" is my current working directory, and I type "rm *"
> I get the message that there are too many arguments being passed into
> rm.

In addition to the other suggestions, enabling softupdates will make
file creation and deletion much faster (your rm -rf will speed up
~100x, for example).

If you're doing file operations directly on known filenames, then the
dirhash suggestions will really help.  If freedb is doing directory
scans or wildcard globbing, then no filesystem will save you :)

        Dan Nelson

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