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>> Simple.  If you want to run RAID-5 then purchase the HiPoint card or
>> the 3ware card, both of them come with manufacturer-written drivers.
>> 3ware is really great, they have a developer with committ rights and
>> they just stick their driver right into the FreeBSD source repository.
> s/HiPoint/HighPoint/ a.k.a HighPoint Technologies, Inc. or simply HPT.
> I have two HighPoint controllers and like them both:
> FreeBSD 6.1/i386 + HPT2220 + 8x250GB.
> FreeBSD 6.1-STABLE/amd64 + HPT1820A + 8x300GB.
> Areca also supports FreeBSD:
> $ man arcmsr (FreeBSD 5.4+)
> http://www.areca.com.tw
> My next controller will probably be from Areca because they support
> RAID level 6 and have multi-lane connectors... maybe ARC-1130ML +
> 12x500GB. Does anyone know what SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) RAID
> controllers are supported by FreeBSD?, they can use SATA drives
> correct?

SAS is what I'm using in our HP servers ... don't know about SATA drives,
since the SAS drives are closer to a 'laptop size' then full size drive
... the HP controller is supported by the CISS driver, and is, by far,
IMHO, the best driver we have, since you don't need any 'external
utilities' to check the status of the RAID controller ... wish they all
provided that :(

HighPoint and Areca both have native FreeBSD array management
utilities and 12port, and up, Areca controllers have a built-in
Ethernet port with an embedded http/smtp/snmp/telnet server running on

Oh and SAS controllers can support SATA drives, from Adaptec's website:

"The SAS connector is a universal interconnection that is form-factor
compatible with SATA, allowing SAS or SATA drives to plug directly
into a SAS environment whether for mission critical applications with
high availability and high performance requirements or lower
cost-per-gigabyte applications such as near-box storage.

SATA connector signals are a subset of SAS signals, enabling the
compatibility of SATA devices and SAS controllers. SAS drives will not
operate on a SATA controller and are keyed to prevent any chance of
plugging them in incorrectly.

In addition, the similar SAS and SATA physical interfaces enable a new
universal SAS backplane that provides connectivity to both SAS drives
and SATA drives, eliminating the need for separate SCSI and ATA drive
backplanes. This consolidation of designs greatly benefits both
backplane manufacturers and end-users by reducing inventory and design


a. HPs SAS drives don't have the same form-factor as the SATA drives, or,
   at least, not the SATA drives I've had experience with, so although the
   interface may work with either, the rack mount servers don't have that
   option ... my love of the SAS drives is 4 drives per 1U rack, which
   means I can do RAID1+0 instead of RAID5 on SCSI/SATA racks ...

b. are ppl actually using/promoting SATA drives in a server environment?
   Or are we just talking about situations where you have a large number
   of spindles to work with?  My one experience with an SATA configuration
   is that the server doesn't *feel* like its performing as well as my
   SCSI servers do ... under load ...

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