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Subject: Re: Are hardware vendors starting to bail on FreeBSD ... ?

> On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 04:16:55PM -0300, User Freebsd wrote:
> >
> > And my point is that those not supporting FreeBSD already don't care,
> > since as far as they are concerned, their is no market for them to be
> > losing .... not buying their products isn't telling them anything they
> > didn't already believe ...
> Actually, this is a very valid point. A good approach would be to write
> to the vendor and tell them than you had considered their product and it
> looks good based on purely technical mertis, but you had to go with a
> competitors products due to availability of technical documentation.
> Frankly, the lost sales from FreeBSD will get lost in the noise for a
> company like Adaptec.

Depends on who sent the letters.


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