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> In the /etc/aliases file look for the following lines:
> # Pretty much everything else in this file points to "root", 
> so # you would do well in either reading root's mailbox or 
> forwarding # root's email from here.
> (should be at the top of the file.
> make sure that you have a line in it like this (either 
> uncomment the line by remving the # or add a new line like:
> save it and then run the "newaliases" command.. it will 
> rebuild the aliases database.
> For more info, do a "man newaliases".
> Of course, this only works *if* you have the sendmail daemon 
> running. <bg>
> Enjoy!
> -Stacy

You must have missed the begning of this thread (before it got snipped
anyway).  I did that.  Exactly as you suggested.  This was of course the
first thing I did.  I also read man newaliases, and every other relevant
man page I could find.  I also tried putting a .forward file in root's
home directory with my external email address in it.

> Hi!
> > I am having trouble redirecting root's email to an external email 
> > account.  This is a 4.7-Release box with not very 
> modifications done 
> > to the standard installation.
> > When I look at /var/spool/clientmqueue, it is full of 
> messages.  Here 
> > is a snippet of one:
> > MDeferred: Operation timed out with localhost.visimation.com.
> I'm not a big Sendmail expert or anything, but do you even 
> have the MTA process running? Can you successfully telnet 
> localhost.visimation.com port 25? What sendmail related lines 
> do you have in /etc/rc.conf?
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Telnet to port 25 of localhost.visimation.com works.  In my /etc/rc.conf
the only entry I have for sendmail is:

Thanks for the help.  This is really frusrating me. :(


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