At 08:31 PM 1.6.2003 -0600, Jack L. Stone wrote:
>At 08:13 PM 1.6.2003 -0500, Matthew Emmerton wrote:
>>[ dah!  Don't top-post! ]
>>> >
>>> > I'm not a big Sendmail expert or anything, but do you even
>>> > have the MTA
>>> > process running? Can you successfully telnet
>>> > port 25? What sendmail related lines do you have in /etc/rc.conf?
>>> > --
>>> > Toomas Aas | [EMAIL PROTECTED] |
>>> >
>>> > * All wiyht.  Rho sritched
>>> > mg kegboawd awound?
>>> >
>>> Yes, I have the Sendmail Process running.  Telnet to port 25 of
>>> gives this:
>>> Forcefield# telnet 25
>>> Trying
>>> Connected to
>>> Escape character is '^]'.
>>> 220 ESMTP Sendmail 8.12.6/8.12.6; Mon, 6 Jan
>>> 2003 16:50:15 -0800 (PST)
>>> I really wish I could get this working.  It seems like such a simple
>>> thing, and my installation was pretty much straight-out-of-the-box from
>>> the Standard installation.
>>Usually to redirect root's email, you edit /etc/mail/aliases to have an
>>entry that looks like this:
>>root:    matt
>>and then run 'newalises' for it to take effect.  If you want to redirect
>>root's email to a non-local mailbox, then you have to make an entry in
>>/etc/mail/virtusertable, like this:
>>and then 'cd /etc/mail' and 'make' which will do the trick.
>>Matt Emmerton
>Well, not to be left out of the party, here's the way I've done for as long
>as I can remember:
><snip/> (# are from from the aliases file)
># Pretty much everything else in this file points to "root", so 
># you would do well in either reading roots mailbox or forwarding
># roots email from here.
>root:           sageame                        # On this server
>sageame:        [EMAIL PROTECTED] # Another domain on another server
># In the above example, I first send root to a normal user account (may be
># I also put include files which contain outside and inside accounts
># Test include file list
>sendtest::include:/etc/mail/sendtest   # a test file
>Then run # newaliases -- should work
>I suggest you try the above "sendtest" used as follows below which runs on
>the console verbose and you can see what it the mail system is doing and
>perhaps see the problem:
># mail -v -s test sendtest < /dev/null
>where include is a list from /etc/aliases <=====
>       ...
>       sendtest        :include:/etc/sendtest <=====

ooops! The above path is wrong <===== & should be:
        sendtest::include:/etc/mail/sendtest I have it in the real aliases example further above. Hope this didn't
confuse all the more. But, the sendtest should show some info on the
console as to what it is doing or not doing.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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