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Personally I don't think this stuff should be tracked in any centralized fashion. I don't particullarly like when our freedom to choose to do something is tracked or monitored; because it is no longer a freedom. Maybe that is just paranoia speaking.

none of your freedoms will be in any way infringed upon with what is proposed ... you will always have the freedom to disable the reporting and not particpate *shrug*

I think a much more productive goal is to get all the users that have unsupported hardware to write into the vendor that created it and ask them why they don't support a spawn of the OS that allowed what we call the internet to exist. Put this message on, get people in this list to do it, get on a soap box and scream it. I think giving them numbers of systems will just be ignored. But getting 1000 emails a day in multiple languages from around the world will get them thinking maybe its worth at least releasing the specs just to shut these people up.

The above is an "active campaign", which you will generally find doesn't yield anything, unfortunately, since its more work then 99.9% of the people will feel compelled to do ...

As ScottL said in one of his emails, in a form ... We don't want to piss Adaptec off, which a "letter writing campaign" would ... what we want to do is give Adaptec something to think about in terms of 'market missed' ...

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sometimes I think with my head not up in the air. I see you point. I guess I'll try to give them more of a market to be concered about. If I can convince the girls next door its simple and friendly to USE, then I think anybody can be convinced, Good luck with the project, maybe I'll find myself on the list someday

wish me luck with this desktopbsd thiing; I'm in short supply of it lately and it will be coming in handy...

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