> pciconf -lv needs to be parsed, this being the hard step, into a string 
> that can be sent via HTTP ... this is the hard part because it has to be 
> done as/in a shell script ... anyone out there *really* good at shell 
> programming?

Why not doing the parsing on the server?

Is there a limit on the size of an HTTP GET request? If not, the
output of pciconf -v can fit in one single request, done.

And limiting the number of requests, you also limit the amount of data

I'd also go for:

pciconf -l | sed s/\ /+/g | sed s/\   /%09/g| sed s/@/%40/g | sed s/:/%3a/g| 
sed s/=/%3d/g

and you get lines like:


That are almost completely URL encoded. Remains to replace the newline
into %0d, and you are done. Result is one line that is around 2000

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