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> how about putting them in /usr/local/etc/rc.d
> and then using a numeric to start them
> 001file.sh
> 002file.sh
> or create a script with just one file.sh ?

I had considered that approach. The problem is if the
program is updated it will will write a new file to
the rc.d directory. Since I sort of automate the
updating of my system, if I was not vigilante in
inspecting the rc.d directory, I could very well end
up with two scripts starting the same program. I am
not sure how that would work; however, I would assume
it would not be a good thing. Furthermore, I am not
sure if the numeric thing would really work unless I
also modified the REQUIRE: and BEFORE: settings in the

I was hoping that there would be a master config file
that I could manipulate so that each script is started
in a precise order irregardless of its name.


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