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> Thanks to *all* who responded to my whining -- you've been great, and I
> am
> going to give FreeBSD another try. Apologies to all if I sounded like a
> twit... I was just eager to try something new as I have had it with MS
> products. Regards,
> Bob Walker 
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Heh, no, you didn't sound like a twit.  You're quite correct - everyone
who uses FreeBSD knows that a "better" (meaning, at least to many folks,
more simplified and graphical) installer would be nice.  But as someone
said in response to your original post, the people who currently
contribute most heavily to the project are more interested in other

Some information about FreeBSD and this mailing list (at least IMHO - I
can't and don't speak for the project, nor am I the most informed person
on this list by a long shot):

- It's a volunteer project.  The whole OS and all the little pieces are
built (with few exceptions) for love, not money, by people who earn a
living working on something else.  Given that, the people who do build
the OS have put together something of remarkable quality over an
extended period.  One reason for the state of the installer is that it
is considered "good enough," and people with limited time would rather
spend that time making sure the system almost never breaks, particularly
not in mission-critical situations.

- World domination is much less on the FreeBSD Project's radar screen
than it is for other OSs with monetary (see Microsoft, Apple, etc.) or
"religious" (see Linux, Free Software Foundation, GPL, Richard Stillman,
etc.) motivations.  So there are only 3 ways to get FreeBSD folks
working on a problem that interests you: (1) pay them; (2) learn about
programming and do it yourself (at a high enough standard to have your
code accepted for inclusion in the OS); or (3) learn enough to be able
to show at least one person with relevant programming expertise what an
interesting problem this really is.

- Many of us remember our own newbie experiences, and if you demonstrate
some interest and a willingness to learn, there are plenty of folks on
this list who can and will meet you more than halfway.

- There's a fair amount of UNIX/*BSD blood flowing in OS X's innards, so
if the do-it-yourself aspect gets tiring and you don't mind spending
money on an OS, you may want to look at Macs.  Interoperability with
Windows office apps might be a bit easier to attain going that road.

"I'd take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day." - 
Douglas Adams

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