On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 21:56, Jim Arnold wrote:
> >When exactly do you see the message?  Right after you login?
> As soon as I hit the connect button after typing in the IP address of 
> the FreeBSD box or using
> the afp address.
> >Can you
> >send your AppleVolumes.default
> This just has the ~ (tilde) at the end so the home directory will get mounted
> >as well as your afpd.conf files?
> Everything in this file is commented out. In the file this is noted:
> "The simplest case is to not have an afpd.conf"
> I've always run Netatalk without anything in this file without any problems.
> >Does
> >the user you're logging in as have a valid shell?
> Yes.

This is baffling.  I have a OS X 10.2.3 machine that can connect just
fine (as do you).  The sniffer traces are more or less identical.  Since
it looks like the OS X client is initiating the disconnect, can you
bring up the OS X console under Applications->Utilities->Console, and
see if any messages show up there?


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