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as my answer. i have ca 500 users in my networks (mostly one), outlook users always have "problems", and i always answer that they like problems and use outlook.

As an email administrator I have to concur. Unless people really are using the extra features of on exchange server some place (shared calendars etc), getting users to move away from Outhouse is a major security improvement and reduces most of the email tech support calls.

Please note that Outhouse (and some other Windows "IMAP" clients) do IMAP in a POPish way. This will undermine the advantages of IMAP and almost certainly lead to lost mail through users POPing their box.

But I do understand that getting rid of Outhouse simply might not be an option.

Unfortunately, I can't answer the original question because I haven't played with IMAP on FreeBSD yet. I don't even know what IMAP server the OP is using. It will almost certainly be one of courier, cyrus, or uw.

I would recommend to the OP to first find out what imap server they are running and then post the question to the very helpful Usenet group comp.mail.imap


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