I tried to include the whole path.
If I do it from the command line
shlight //remote_computer/dir /NT -U usename -P password
Using port 1473 for NFS
cd /NT
then I get all the listing.

When I enter this in webmin I get some kernel errors.

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> Kenzo wrote:
> > I'm trying to figure out the best way to backup my server.
> > I don't have a CD burner, tape drive or other media to write backup to.
> > So what I want to do, is connect to my other comp with cd burner and
> > runs on WinXP.
> > I was thinking of using shlight since It seems to work good.
> > In Webmin under backup you can issue a command to perform before and
> > the backup.
> > I tried to set it up to mount the windows command before the backup and
> > umount it after, but that didn't work.
> > I think the kernel didn't like that.
> > If I do it manually it works fine.
> Usually this is because you haven't specified the full path to the mount
> command.  When you type the command at a shell prompt, you have a search
> path that is searched for the command.  The webmin module probably doesn't
> do this, so you'll have to enter the full path. i.e.:
> /sbin/mount
> ass opposed to just "mount"
> You can use the "whereis" command to find the full path to the particular
> command you're trying to run. i.e.
> whereis mount
> will tell you what directory 'mount' is in.
> > Now is there another/better way of doing what I want to do?
> > I was also thinking about using Cron to issue the commands.
> > A script might do it, but I don't know anything about writing sripts.
> It's not as hard as you might think.  For example, the following script
> is a good template for what you're trying to do:
> #!/bin/sh
> /sbin/mount_nfs /mnt/temp
> /bin/cp -Rp /path/to/backup /mnt/tmp/.
> /sbin/umount /mnt/temp
> Of course, you'll want to substitute the mount command that you need
> (which may be at a different location) and the specific stuff you
> want to back up, etc.
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