Hi All,

I'm having a spot of bother getting hardware monitoring working under
FreeBSD (4.7-RELEASE-p3).

I have a M7MKA mainboard (Biostar) slot A Athlon, with a AMD751/756
chipset.  According to the documentation I've found it has a winbond 
W83782D hardware monitor which is supposed to be supported by healthd.

My current attempt at kernel configuration has the following differences
---- additional entries to GENERIC ------------------------
# trying to get smbus working for hardware monitoring
device          smbus           # Bus support, required for smb below.
device          intpm
device          alpm
device          ichsmb
device          viapm
device          smb

device          iicbus          # Bus support, required for 
device          iicbb
device          ic
device          iic
device          iicsmb          # smb over i2c bridge
device          pcf0    
---- end addition entries -------------

dmesg doesn't come up with any indication that smbus or smb devices are
found/configured and I'm beginning to tear my hair out.

Obviously I'm doing something really stupid or it would be working and
I'm at my wits end.

Can anyone give me a pointer in the right direction as I'm still fairly
new to the ins and outs of the kernel configurations under FreeBSD.



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