On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 10:21:55AM +1030, Tim Aslat wrote:

> I have a M7MKA mainboard (Biostar) slot A Athlon, with a AMD751/756
> chipset.  According to the documentation I've found it has a winbond 
> W83782D hardware monitor which is supposed to be supported by healthd.
> My current attempt at kernel configuration has the following differences
> from GENERIC.
> ---- additional entries to GENERIC ------------------------
> # trying to get smbus working for hardware monitoring
> device          smbus           # Bus support, required for smb below.
> device          intpm
> device          alpm
> device          ichsmb
> device          viapm
> device          smb
> device          iicbus          # Bus support, required for 
> device          iicbb
> device          ic
> device          iic
> device          iicsmb          # smb over i2c bridge
> device          pcf0    
> ---- end addition entries -------------
> dmesg doesn't come up with any indication that smbus or smb devices are
> found/configured and I'm beginning to tear my hair out.

Well, you've done everything pretty much right so far --- however,
although you seem to have added all of the possible variants of SMBus
controller chips, your kernel isn't picking up the hardware on your
motherboard.  That might simply be because the exact chipset you have
isn't recognised, although from what you've said above, I'd expect the
amdpm driver to probe successfully.

What is the output of:

    pciconf -lv




PS. The 'device pcf0' entry in your kernel config is incorrect. It
should be:

    device pcf0 at isa? port? irq 5

however, that won't make a difference unless you actually have a
Philips PCF8584 I2C controller on your system.

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