On Sun, 1 Apr 2007, Ivan Zenzeroviæ wrote:

I have now another problem. I tryed to set up my printer (HP LaserJet 6L)
following the instructions in the handbook. Ok, the printer responds, but
when i try to print it only takes paper and prints eventually a line of some
strange signs.

What are you trying to print? The LJ6L only handles ASCII text and PCL control codes. Additionally, it needs to either have text formatted with additional carriage returns or to treat linefeeds as carriage returns.

Many people use apsfilter from the ports to handle print conversion. I prefer setting up my own simpler, smaller filter, like "Simulating PostScript on Non PostScript Printers" in the Handbook "Advanced Printer Setup" section.

I set it up at first on interrupt-driven mode, then on
polled-mode, but it always takes pages and i cant stop it, I tryed stopping
it with lpc, but nothing. I tried with the troubleshooting section but
nothing, no solution for my problem.
Has anyone maybe the same printer set-up?

It should work fine.  Please post your /etc/printcap.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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