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> Hello.
> I have a small USB hard disk enclosure and would like to start
> using it to transfer files between OS X and FreeBSD machines.
> Is there a filesystem that both OS X and FreeBSD can reliably
> read and write to? I've heard that OS X supports UFS, but there's
> no clear definition on what UFS actually is. I mean Free/Open/Net/
> DragonFly all seem to have slightly differing definitions...
> Any ideas?
> MC
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My recommendation would be to use *gasp* FAT32 for the file system.
This allows you FreeBSD/MacOSX/Linux/ and the occasional Windows
support when you eventually need it.  If you only need OS X/FreeBSD
support, UFS is safe.  IIRC, UFS2 is safe, as well.  I've got a drive
I'm using that I think is UFS2 formatted.  I'd check, but it's at the


Ok, I'll give it a go on an empty drive and see what happens.

Would you recommend formatting the drive on an OS X machine, or
a FreeBSD machine (or is it irrelevant)?

I'd do it on the FreeBSD machine. IIRC Mac OSX did some funky stuff with the MBR / slices when formatting disks.

I just took another disk, formated with UNIX Files System on my Mac, and it mounts just fine as UFS on my FreeBSD system.
Well, hmm.. that's where the IIRC came from though because I wasn't positive. What version of OSX were you running when you formatted the disk, by the way?
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