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There are legitimate technical reasons that someone may want their
to not be greylisted. For example, my cell phone's e-mail address is in our monitoring scripts to page me in the event of a server failure.
I would be pretty pissed off if Sprint suddenly started
greylisting.  It
isn't just dumb-ass users making stupid political decisions to reject
it, although in your case it probably was.

If it is a legitimate mail server, it would be promoted to the auto-
whitelist.  Not all mail is constantly greylisted by most intelligent
greylist systems.  Only the first few messages would be delayed,
until it is established as legitimate.

That won't work in my case since I generally only have a failure that causes a problem which results in paging about once every 3 months or so. By the
 time the pages got through the
greylist it would be at least an hour later after the system had gone
down.  That isn't acceptable for a notification system.

Email is not an instant messaging system, no matter how much you want it to be one.

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