OK, I am fairly new to FreeBSD and returning from a long while away.

I am currently working on an install I have performed from the 6.2
release discs I downloaded several days ago.

I chose X-Kern-Dev install and have a mixed bag of pkg_add -r
packages, some programs I have downloaded and compiled from source
from developers sites (Claws-mail and Xfce4 to name 2) as well as
apps I cd'ed into into /usr/ports/name and made [nvidia for 1]

Whilst I am aware there are more than serveral ways of doing things
and for different reasons I am inviting advice on my target install
which is a 'desktop' for basic office use, based on Xfce4.

I would like to thank Nikola for his advice and also ask what is 
the generally accepted method of installing / keeping updated way 
of getting things done?

I am only aware of the names cvsup, portupgrade, portmanager, 
portsnap, make world etc and am getting this round my neck a 
bit but this is what I have summized ;

1) Do basic [minimal] install of 6.2 rel from disc 1
2) pkg_add cvsup-without-gui and get the latest ports installed
3) Build *everything* from this ports tree [including base/kernel?]
4) Find out how to keep updated / informed on updates to packages
   I have installed, and do so where necessary.

If anyone can advise, point me in the direction of tutorials
or step by steps, on the above It would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to understand why its not so great to just install
everything from pkg_add, whats the advantages of ports etc 

Until then I am enjoying using my i386-unknown-freebsd6.2
installation - even if it more by good luck than good management :)

Thanks in advance of time spent in replying !
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