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Hi, I'm trying to replace my current arrangement for email, and though I
have read as much as possible on it, I just want to check if I am on the
right lines with what I'm planning. (Is that a legitimate use of this
list?) It's the same old story, when you're a beginner it is very hard
to take even small steps until you have a grasp of the 'big picture',
and know what direction you should be going. So I'd be glad of any
opinions, pointers, or How-Tos that I may not have spotted.

If you read the rest of this, you may think that I'm trying to implement
something way too heavyweight for what I need at the moment, and you'd
be right! However, I want to learn, and enjoy trying to master the big
boys' toys.

OK, so here's where I am:
8 users
3 or 4 Windows machines including a laptop - users may use any/all of
New FreeBSD server so far only operating as a Samba server (PDC).
Email is downloaded by individual clients from ISP via POP3 - user must
be at specific machine to access their local mail folders. If elsewhere,
they must use webmail, but of course sent messages, replied flags etc
are then inconsistent, besides which messages are only left on the (ISP)
server for a limited time.

Here is where I want to get to:
IMAP server on my FreeBSD box (and using Maildir is my instinctive
Ultimately, but not yet, I want to start using the FreeBSD machine as a
proper mailserver - i.e. get a static IP address and point the MX record
hosted by my provider at it. For now though I am happy to fetch from the
existing mailboxes that they host for me.
Again, not necessarily now, but when I am fully up and running, run spam
and virus checking (that's done for me now, but inevitably could be
improved on.)

What I _think_ I want to do is this:
Install Fetchmail to get mail from my various hosted mailboxes
Configure Sendmail, which I accepted as the default mailer
Install Procmail to deliver messages in Maildir format (to users' home
Install Courier IMAP as the IMAP server

I'd suggest dovecot over courier. Courier's not exactly under active

Ultimately, then drop Fetchmail and reconfigure Sendmail for receiving
mail directly, and add anti- spam and virus tools.

Have I got this about right? Do I really need 4 separate tools to do
this? Have I overlooked something more obvious/elegant? Where are my big
pitfalls going to be?

IF you can just redirect the MX record it's easiest to get everything
working first them the fetchmail won't need to run for long after you've
moved DNS records. Depends if you can do this.

yes you will need some sort of anti spam. I  use Spamassassin and
MailScanner at work - which BTW ain't that far from you (
www.solidstatelogic.com)..if want some one-to-one help drop me a line.

If replying, please keep in mind my embarrassing level of inexperience!!


Barnaby Scott

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