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I'm interested in changing over to FreeBSD from Windows, but I'll have
to say, you guys don't really present a forceful argument to Windows
users of how easy the switch may be.  I get knee-deep in FreeBSD jargon
the second I get to your webpage. I need to see an overwhelming argument
that FreeBSD is a perfectly acceptable alternative for home desktop
users who have previously known only Windows.

I didn't see anyone who simply answered your questions, so here's my attempt to do so.

You're not going to get an "overwhelming argument" from FreeBSDers because that's not how we work. If you want to try it out, be our guest. If you find it frustrating and give up, none of us are going to be heartbroken by your failure. If you're patient, and you ask enough questions, someone here can solve every problem you run in to.

For instance, if I download and install FreeBSD, will I instantly have a
desktop windowing environment that I can navigate in while I figure out
what's going on?

No. In fact, if you don't read the documentation first (and Windows users seldom do), you will probably never get a desktop windowing environment. You must configure your desktop environment before it will work. You must also configure it so it starts up by default.

Will I have a browser and way to setup an internet
connection right off the bat?

Depending upon which window manager you choose, you may not have a browser. Depending upon what sort of internet connection you have, you may never get connected. *Especially* if you don't first read the documentation carefully and print it out so you have it handy during the install phase.

 How will I migrate files from other
operating systems?

You can mount almost any filesystem on the planet, so moving files to FreeBSD is a snap. But you'd better read the documentation first, or you'll never figure it out.

I understand you guys have been around for a while, but you don't seem
to understand the monumental "fear" involved in switching operating
systems.  You need to address those concerns head on from the start.

No, we don't. The idea behind FreeBSD is that you are the owner and operator. That means you make all the decisions and you must understand how to implement them.

need to see several screenshots of apps that I can use as alternatives
to what I have.

Not everything that's available on Windows *has* an alternative on FreeBSD. Do you homework. Read the documentation. Don't expect others to spoon-feed you because it's not going to happen.

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