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> On 9/22/07, Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > >> i personally use only sendmail.
> > >>
> > >
> > > Yep... if it works, don't 'fix' it.
> > >
> > same with any other things :)
> I would prefer to have postfix vs sendmail since it built with
> security in mind

Ditto here. I've switched to postfix after a talk by
Wietse Venema at the SANE 1998:
(postfix was still named VMailer back then)
and never looked back since. I was lucky doing so, because
soon after, there had been a flurry of sendmail exploits,
while postfix kept chugging along undisturbed. But more
importantly, its behaviour under stress and huge traffic
bursts is excellent.

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