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i personally use only sendmail.

Yep... if it works, don't 'fix' it.

same with any other things :)

I would prefer to have postfix vs sendmail since it built with
security in mind

Ditto here. I've switched to postfix after a talk by
Wietse Venema at the SANE 1998:
(postfix was still named VMailer back then)
and never looked back since. I was lucky doing so, because
soon after, there had been a flurry of sendmail exploits,
while postfix kept chugging along undisturbed. But more
importantly, its behaviour under stress and huge traffic
bursts is excellent.

I have a russian friend, he's a sysadmin, works exclusively with FreeBSD. He reckon Postfix is also great under pressure. Since sendmail is in the core of FreeBSD, does that mean it will quickly get security updates when exploits are found?
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