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Beg to differ on the AFP vs samb issues from what we use at work using a mixed environment (*nix, windoze and Mac's).

the filetyping goes alot better using smb than appletalk with MacOS X, and smb will use encrypted passwds (however poorly encoded) by default, and even SMB is alot faster than AFP which is horrible slow.

You'll find that using a VPN to access over the internet alot more secure in any case.

anyway a quick google gives this..


Thanks, I've already read that link, what was suggested didn't work.

I don't mind using smb, but I have a question or two I would be glad if you could answer:
Can you connect to a smb server over the internet?

For example in OS X give the address as smb://example.com?

Also, how would you get the passwords encrypted? Is this done by default.

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