I'm setting up a jailed server. I'm hoping to eventually use
sysutils/ezjail to deaden the pain a bit!

First step, have to get the disks partitioned! They're unpacked, at least ;-)

I've read lots of comments like,

  "You should never setup your FreeBSD systems the way Linux or other
*nix's set them up."

So, I'm looking for some Wisdom on how best to partition for the usage
I'm planning.

The server's goal state is 4 jails, plus the non-jailed host:

jail-1: DNS services {Bind9 & RBLDNSD}
jail-2: WebServer    {Apache 22x + PHP5 + Perl 588 + MySQL 50x}
jail-3: mail server  {Exim 468 + Spamassassin + ClamAV, etc.}
jail-4: an analysis/monitoring toolkit {Snort, Nagios, Nessus, etc.}

I've got two identical 250 GB SATA2 drives available for this box.

Although I have not yet grokked the whole "What's in a jail's dirs?"
issue, my initial stab at 'slices' is ~:

        drive 2:
                /       2GB
                /boot   2GB
                /tmp    2GB
                /swap   16GB    Machine has 8GB RAM, so swap = 2X RAM
                /usr    50GB
                /jails  178GB

        drive 2:
                /var    100GB
                /data   100GB   MailStore, DBs, www source files, etc.
                /home   20GB

I'll betcha some of that's silly or wasteful.

Any insighful comments or better advice on this ^^ would make me a happy gal :-)

Thanks a lot!

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