Brent Jones wrote:
I for one prefer top posting, as usually I have read a particular thread
enough times that I like to cut to the chase and read the new input
without having to scroll down, sometimes navigating an endless nesting
of >>>  For me, reading through top posted replies saves time and
effort.  If I happened to miss something in the conversation I can
scroll down to find it.

Anyone else feel the same?

I don't.

If you're going to top post, trim the cruft.

Archives don't need 10 posts getting gradually larger as you repeat the repeat the repeat the repeat...

As I read from top to bottom, if you're referring to something that's buried somewhere below headers (that you left in) that are below more information, etc., it's a PITA to find what you're talking about in context.

You're right in that top posting is a savings in effort. It takes effort to craft a response, and instead just burp a brain toot to the list. I would suggest looking into Instant Messaging as a better outlet for such brain toots.

People constantly bitch about emails being hard to interpret. Was it serious? Sarcastic? A joke? Top posters encourage taking this to the next step...they make the message more vague. What were you referring to? A particular passage? In general? What? In your race to save a few seconds of actual thought and editing, you make the message more vague. Thanks.

If you don't read the "bottom" part, why the hell are you quoting it? Just to make the archives larger? "So I can refer to it if I need to??" Here's an idea. Read the old messages. Your search engine in your mail program may speed up a few nanoseconds if you don't have all that extra crap repeated a dozen times.

Best part...replying to a 5K message, top posted, just so you can add a one-line comment. WHY?

No wonder email is thought to increase brain rot. People don't take the time to edit or think through thoughts before laying them to the "virtual paper", and it's at the point where you read something, burp a brain fart to the top and resend it while justifying their inability to adhere to the reading top-to-bottom that so many have come to accept by reading books and articles in a linear fashion as a child as a time-saver. Bigger time-saver for me is to delete messages when they come in with that formatting. We have l337 sp33k because it saves time. U seen it b4, rite? We have top posting. We have adults who can't be bothered to tell the difference between lose and loose in writing. Wonderful things encouraged by people justifying their lazy writing styles.

You make an impression online by your writing. These shortcuts strike me as coming from authors that are too lazy to craft their thoughts into something worth presenting...sloppy. Silly mistakes and typos happen but all too often, when coupled with other styling choices they make, it's hard to give the benefit of the doubt as to how much they care how much credibility they "loose" by using sloppy expressions of their thoughts.
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