Interesting question-- hope I can help.

Kenzo wrote:
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what they would like is a computer at every workstation that can use a
browser to look at a webpage where the drawings and schematics will be
Using Apache as a document store works pretty well, but it helps to have some kind of publishing mechanism. mod_dav could be a start.

They don't feel like spending 500 bucks for a new windows machine, so we
figure we could just use our old computers for that.
Sure. You probably can get away with using just X terminals, or even simply long video cables. :-)

Now, what would be the best way to accomplish this?
He is more geared toward a linux box with redhat, but I would rather setup a
computer with Freebsd that would do all the trick.
what x-window manager should I use?  I know KDE uses alot of resources, but
what about gnome?
what should I use for web browser?
[ ... ]
Will using VNC work? I was thinking of only connecting a monitor to those
workstations and have no keyboards and mouse.
Are the factory workers going to interact with their workstations at all? Or is the central operator going to do everything, and the workers will just look at an image on the screen?

If that's the case, there's no need to run VNC, an X window manager, or a browser. See "man xhost" and the -display option; the operator can simply run a command which will remotely display the image to each workstation. Check out /usr/ports/x11/xloadimage....

Approximately how many stations and how far apart are they?


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