Last week I set up a brand new mail server with a combination of pf/ spamassassin/maildrop for spam filtering... Everything seems to work great. All real mail seems to be getting through. I monitored the spamd and maildrop logs during the first few days to make sure my very conservative spam settings (spamd marks email that scored higher than 5 as spam, and maildrop drops spam that scores higher than 12) to make sure that real mail isn't getting dropped.

At the beginning of the week, I was getting a few spam a day in my spam folder. What has me spooked is that this whole weekend I got exactly one spam in my spam folder (a false positive, in fact). This is down from around 500 that I normally get per day (which is why I was keen to get an up-to-date mailserver!)

I know this is an odd thing to worry about, but is this normal? Since the spam doesn't even seem to be reaching spamd, I'm guessing that the real hero is pf, which must be blocking 99.99% of spam at the packet level.

Is this normal?

TIA: John

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