2008-01-14 09:30:37.074087500 rblsmtpd: pid 72121: 451

Just one comment, in my installation of SpamAssassin, it reports in
syslog as spamd, not at rblsmtpd. This looks like logs from the
rblsmtpd program that is not SpamAssasin.

As some one mentionned, one way to prevent false positive and too
agressive black lists is to use them through SpamAssassin only, where
the black list score is only part of the spaminess. The draw back is
that it puts more load the server and SpamAssassin that has to
scrutinize every email, while dropping at the SMTP level is fast and
uses very low resources.

Ah... I see. Yes, you are correct. It is rblsmtpd that is doing the filtering.

One of my goals with this mail server set up (primarily pf, qmail, spamassassin, maildrop, courier) was to minimize processing, since my last set up got totally bogged down handling my, and my client's email, frequently running with a load of 8 or more with several spam per second. A real drag.

This set up runs at a much lower load, and seems to do a better job filtering spam.

-- John

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