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> Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> >> No offense, but when installing from scratch using sysinstall, do you
> >> actually have a command line available in that phase of the install?
> > you have to choose rescue disk from menu and CD/DVD.
> Ah, ok.
> Not a logical choice for a fresh install though...
> Alphons (still at war with vidcontrol)
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> VISTA - Viruses Intruders Spyware Trojans Adware

OK, wanted to thank you all fo your helkp, and just finally, repeat
the steps (just to clarify amongst all this discussion). This is what
I did

1) started with an empty disk, and used the Vista recovery CD to put
the Vista image onto the laptop
2) then installed freebsd (6.3) from CD and left MBR untouched
3) on restart, was only seeing FreeBSD, so used fdisk to makr the
Vista partition active
4) finally booted up with Vista and then used easyBCD to add the
FreeBSD partition entry to the boot record (its call it NeoLinux for
some reason - could I change it to call it FreeBSD? Not that it
matters so much)
5) finally rebooted to have a choice between FreeBSD and Vista - tried
both and they both work fine!

Thank you again all!

One question: I have just installed FreeBSD 6.3, and tried "startx"
but it isnt coming up, giving some sort of error. Am I missing
something here? I did choose for "Windows X" during the FreeBSD setup
- shall I do a port upgrade?

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