Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> I was prompted by a comment in another thread about gmail; and other
>> than the absolutely annoying way it quotes,  what is wrong with gmail?
> think other way.
> imagine you have service with 5000 mail account.
> would it be worth for you of extra work of writing all user data,
> analyzing it, storing forever? i don't think so.
> now imagine you provide 500000000 mail accounts. no things are different.
> you can get billions storing everything and closely working with
> government, and even privates - selling the data raw or processed.
> of course not officially, but when talking billions of $ such things, or
> honesty, truth etc. turns to "who cares".
> so stay away from ANY services that large. not just gmail, not just mail
> services at all.

Someone's over-paranoid in here... spy satellites, providers selling
sensitive data, neighbors staring at your wife undressing while you're
at work... who cares?

Just my 2cents to decrease SNR even more...

Pietro Cerutti

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