Matthew Seaman wrote:
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E. J. Cerejo wrote:
Running FBSD 6.3 and after updating the ports where icu was one of the
ports to be updated I'm getting the libexec/ Shared object
"" not found, required by "evolution" error, I can see
that the new version of icu installed "".  Is there a
better way to fix this or should I just symlink "" to

Nope.  Symlinking shlibs of different ABI versions together is the
wrong answer.  There's a reason the ABI version number was bumped,
and it indicates the new shlib is not compatible with the old one.

Formally, the correct fix is:

   # portupgrade -rf icu-\*

or the equivalent in whatever ports management software you prefer.

However this is pretty unfortunate as icu is a basic component that
a large number of packages depend upon.  Expect to spend a long time

The port sysutils/bsdadminscripts installs a script called pkg_libchk that will list you all ports that /really/ need to be rebuild. Many of the ports depending on icu-\* do so indirectly by linking to a library that links to icu, thus it is sufficent to rebuild those directly linking ports. pkg_libchk checks for such direct dependencies and will list you the affected ports.
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