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Color laser is what you want.  There are some really
good inexpensive units out there.  I recall reading the
inexpensieve Samsung color laser even speaks Postscript.

while i don't use color printers, usually this postscript is disadventage. if there is a choice like in HP laserjets - switching to PCL and using ghostscript works MUCH faster giving same results.

your computer's CPU is much faster than printer's.

Usually your computer has more available memory than your printer. In fact usually your printer's memory bound. I have two printers an HP Business Inkjet 2250 with 80MB of RAM and an HP Laserjet 4000 with 64MB of RAM. The Business Inkjet prints Postscript at 12+ pages a minute. The 4000 does 17+ pages of postscript / minute. These speeds are pretty much as fast as the respective printers can spit out pages. Factory stock memory for the Inkjet is 16MB and it 4MB for the laser. With stock memory the inkjet does 7 pages / minute max and the Laserjet might make 12. Optimizing a CPU for Postscript isn't all that hard but for some reason the printer manufacturers ship these machines with very low RAM. BTW The RAM in these machines was scavenged out of some long dead laptop.

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