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> We have one at work that if it was up to me I too would sell it for $50
> if anyone offered. Its a networked color HP 4M something that prints 11"
> wide. Letter prints sideways, and 11x17 prints lengthwise.
> Its slower than Christmas when printing photos. Maybe 2 pages per hour.
> We keep it because 1) its paid for, 2) we have space for it, and 3) it
> prints very pretty color text for proposals.

The HP4M color is a completely different technology than modern
HP color laserjets.  It is also different than the 4+ which is
a black and white.

HP made 2 printers they called the "4M" and the "4M Color".  Completely
different printers.  DIfferent electronics, imaging engines, etc.

We have a HP color 3550 laserjet in our office.  The print
speed is faster than the black and white laserjets which are
older.  The 3550 is a newer printer.

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