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Since the last discussion I actually contacted the Flash Player team and
asked what it would take to get an official port for Flash Player on
FreeBSD. I was asked to provide numbers that would indicate how many
*desktop* FreeBSD systems are out there and how many of them are used on
a *regular* basis. So, if anybody on this list can provide those
answers, I'd be more than happy to do my part and relay the answers back
to those people who can actually influence decisions in this area.
Again, I'm not speaking for Adobe, I'm just offering to help as much as
I can as a happy FreeBSD user (well, if it wasn't for on 8.0-CURRENT).

Well, if you consider PC-BSD as FreeBSD -- which it is for
programmatic purposes, then at least 15,000 users are prepared
to voluntarily self-report themselves as such.  PC-BSD by it's
nature implies desktop usage.

Note that PC-BSD invites users to register with BSD Stats at install
time.  Other BSD variants require the user to have heard about and then
gone and installed the reporting software, so the uptake is a lower
proportion of the user base.

Regular usage is a hard one.  BSD stats requires a monthly report
from each server, so the figures they have don't include any significant
amount of historical cruft.  Reports are also generated when the
system reboots, but as far as I know, the BSD Stats project hasn't
analysed its data to extract any information about how often people
reboot their systems.


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