On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 11:04:31AM +0300, Aggelidis Nikos wrote:
> * CPU overheating
> -> Is there anyway to check for cpu temperatures within freebsd?
> -> I 've used the pc for like 8 hours in a really hot day but it
> didn't restart...if this can be considered as an indication.

Not easily.  If coretemp(4) is loaded, you should have some sysctls
named dev.cpu.X.temperature which contain the temperature of the core in
Celcius.  Otherwise, you can try utilities like mbmon and healthd, but
those were written for old (circa 90s) hardware.

Also, are you running powerd(8) on this machine?

> *Memory
> -> i used memtest ,from an ubuntu live cd, to check the memory and
> everything works fine according to it.

That's a good start; your memory is probably not the issue then.

> *PSU
> I have a 400Watt PSU... maybe this is inadequate. I will try to swap
> it for something stronger to see how it goes.

Wattage is not the only thing that matters with a PSU.  Voltages are
significantly more important, if you ask me.  I'd make a list of what
your voltages are (go into the BIOS and see) and provide them here.
There may be one which is significantly off, indicating a bad PSU.

> In general where are there any stress tests i can do, to test the PSU
> and some major subsystems of the computer?

Windows offers many free utilities that do this; I'm not sure about

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