Paul Schmehl wrote:
--On July 22, 2008 9:17:45 PM -0400 Simon Chang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Recently my company has updated their server to Windows 2003. The
earlier 2000 server didn't have SSL enabled, so rdp/rdesktop worked for
me without any problem. But now, as I try to connect to the server, it
simply gives me ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

Did you make sure that the server has remote administration enabled?
I believe that, by default, Win2k3 Servers have RDP disabled.  Check
with your admins about that.'s a terminal server....

...ummm, in Windows-land, Terminal Services == rdp (port 3389 TCP).

To the OP:

If NMap is installed on the FBSD box, try:

# nmap -sS -P0 -p 3389 ip_of_rdp_box

..if the port appears open, try:

# telnet ip_of_rdp_box 3389

...and see what you get.

If you see nothing, refer to the logs of the 2k3 server (Event Viewer I believe it is called).

Failing that, see if there is a 'feature' to drop back to non-SSL mode for RDP for the time being, to at least get the FBSD boxen to 'see' the service. Troubleshooting can commence from there.

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