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To the OP - here's what I get when testing from a FreeBSD box to one of
our servers:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] telnet hostname.utdallas.edu 3389

Connection closed by foreign host.

Does your server have SSL enabled? The OP stated that prior to upgrade,
the box did NOT have SSL enabled.

RDP has three types of encryption capability: RDP (native), Negotiate and SSL. The default is RDP, which uses RSA keys. To setup SSL you also have to setup TLS and exchange certs. The OP *may* have that setup. I don't recall. Ours use the native RDP encryption layer with RSA keys and are set to "Client compatible", which means they will use the highest key strength possible - either 56 bits or 128 bits. I think most, if not all, of our clients use 128 bits, but I haven't verified that.

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