Dear Darko

Thanks for your mail.

To answer your question, no, we are on the same network and from my machine everything is open. Also, I tried it from my home, which has the basic firewall allowing me to connect to whereever I want (I tried it with no firewall as well), nothing worked.

Since my office lan can connect to the secured TServer using IE and other client from windows, and both my office lan and home can connect to the non-SSL TServer using rdesktop, I am suspecting I might be needing different client.

any other pointers / links welcome


darko gavrilovic wrote:
Hello, is 3389 filtered in any way between you and that server?

On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 8:37 PM, FreeBSD <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    Dear folks

    my sincere apologies if this has been discussed earlier, which I
    seriously doubt, since even after googling for nearly five days I
    couldn't find any solution.

    Recently my company has updated their server to Windows 2003. The
    earlier 2000 server didn't have SSL enabled, so rdp/rdesktop
    worked for me without any problem. But now, as I try to connect to
    the server, it simply gives me
    ERROR: recv: Connection reset by peer

    I know for a fact that the server is working fine, since all IE
    and remote desktop softwares are working (they have to install the
    certificate at the beginning, once). But how can I connect from my
    freebsd box?

    any pointers/links sujjestions are highly welcome.

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