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Umm..it's a terminal server....

...ummm, in Windows-land, Terminal Services == rdp (port 3389 TCP).

Umm..no. In Windows-land, Terminal Services == rdp (port 3389 TCP) but a terminal *server* is used specifically to allow mutliple (as in more than the default limit of two) concurrent sessions and requires the purchase of additional licenses. Now, *maybe* the OP really meant terminal *services* but he wrote "secured Windows 2003 terminal *server*", and that is a different animal altogether.

To the OP:

If NMap is installed on the FBSD box, try:

# nmap -sS -P0 -p 3389 ip_of_rdp_box

..if the port appears open, try:

# telnet ip_of_rdp_box 3389

...and see what you get.

If you see nothing, refer to the logs of the 2k3 server (Event Viewer I
believe it is called).

Failing that, see if there is a 'feature' to drop back to non-SSL mode
for RDP for the time being, to at least get the FBSD boxen to 'see' the
service. Troubleshooting can commence from there.

If you like sending your credentials across the internet in clear text, be my guest. I wouldn't suggest to the OP that he ask his enterprise to expose themselves to that level of risk.

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