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Some people enjoy doing that.  Most people just want the software to
work,  be easy to maintain and upgrade and then stay out of their way.

Ahem, and that 'just works' crowd is generally not found using FreeBSD
or in  an admin capacity. :-)

Perhaps you've misunderstood my point?

Compiling from source rather than ports gains you nothing, in most cases, and can cost you a great deal of extra time if you run into problems. Time is something most admins I know have precious little of already. There are certainly special cases where compiling from source is preferable, especially if you have a highly customized installation, but those are the exceptions rather than the rule. My point was, when you install from ports, you *are* compiling from source. You just don't have to deal with any of the quirks that arise when you're working from the tarball. The port maintainers have already dealt with those issues for you.

If you prefer compiling from the tarball then by all means have at it.

As an admin myself, I build world and kernel by hand, but I build all my apps from ports. (I've used freebsd-update for kernel and world updates, but I normally compile both.)

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