Paul Schmehl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> This seems to be a common misperception about ports.  Ports aren't
> something magical.  They do exactly what you would do from the
> commandline (i.e. ./configure, make, make install), except they come
> with several bonuses.
> 1) The port maintainer has already worked out all the quirks to make
> it compile and install properly on FreeBSD.  2) The port maintainer
> has already supplied patches that allow the software to build
> correctly on FreeBSD.  3) All the dependencies are already taken care
> of.  4) Upgrading is quite simple and straightforward.  5) The
> software is now architechture-independent (in most cases), meaning you
> can move from Intel to AMD (for example) without having to worry that
> the software will no longer build and you'll have to start from
> scratch again.

Could I add 6.  Removing software from the system quickly and cleanly is
also a doddle!?  Building/installing "by hand" often leaves you hunting
down files .......


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