On Thursday 31 July 2008 17:57:31 Roland Smith wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 01:39:17PM -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> >     hi people,
> >
> >     a friend gave me two of his old dell keyboards; one of which has
> >     worked pretty well.  trouble is that is it very large-- std??
> >     travel-time is just that much more    since i am using only my
> >     left hand.  Soooo: i'mm looking for a compact keyboard with
> >     built-in clicky keys.
> A company named Unicomp now manufactures the "IBM Model-M" keyboard with
> the buckling springs (they acquired the patents from Lenovo);
> http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/
> Check out their spacesaver model:
> http://pckeyboards.stores.yahoo.net/en104bl.html
> I'm thinking of orderding one myself, because I really liked the solid feel
> of those old model-M keyboards.
> Roland

Roland .. thanks for the url's in here too !

Have you, by any chance, happen to know where can I find one of those clicky 
keyboards but without the numpad???

I've been trying to get one for ages .. and the only thing I could come up 
with was this:


but to make a long story short, I couldn't buy it 'cause getting it sent over 
here (Argentina) makes the price tag go as up as us$ 199 (S&H + Wire transfer 
+ local taxes ( = 50% of the price tag + S&H)) ... so .. that kb is out of 
the question for me ...

What I'm _exactly_ looking for is the keyboard you can see in here:


Please, I kindly ask you or anyone in this list, who could provide me with 
information on that keyboard, to throw me a pointer to where can I buy one of 
those keyboards (wether new or used, black or beige, PS2 or USB), model, 
brand or whatever info you might have at the reach of your hands .. I will 
handle the rest (doing the numbers on how much would it cost me to get it 
sent over here).

Regardless of the outcome: thanks for reading and for the links you threw :)

PS: Gary .. take a look at http://www.fentek-ind.com/ .. albeit a little on 
the pricey side, they have quite a nice line up of keyboards to offer. Hope 
you can find the keyboard you are looking for :)

Gonzalo Nemmi
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