On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 05:02:05PM -0400, David Gurvich wrote:
> Hello Roland,
> So you have also been lusting after one of these keyboards?  Has anyone
> actually ordered and used one of these and what is the opinion on them?
> Thanks
> David

        hi david,

        i'll report back, either onlist or privately.  a hundred bux is a
        Lot of money for something you can us usually get for around $25.
        but ifyou figure that you're not only using your hand/writs,
        butyourshoulders too, it puts thingsin perspective.  in fact,
        in my case, too much typing and mousing wsa what destroyed my 
        left shoulder.    probably diff if you've got two hands.

        maybe i'll waitfor themouse-stick in keyboard, tho...   hm, no,
        maybe not!


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