In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Pierrick Brossin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> typed:
> I made/installed kernel and world quite a few times now and never, never,
> never reboot before installing world !

The reason for installing the kernel and rebooting it is so you can
easily go back to a known good system if the kernel fails to
boot. Just boot kernel.old, and back out the kernel. If you install
the world, you need to back it out, or run with the kernel and world
out of sync. The latter may work fine - but it can have problems.

> On Wed, Feb 26, 2003 at 02:29:57PM +0000, rew wrote:
> > So you boot a new kernel with old system?
> Yes, but how is that so different from installing a new world for an old
> kernel?

The new kernel has to be backwards compatible for binaries other than
those in the system. The new world doesn't have to run on the old
kernel - and may have problems.

Installing the world without running the new kernel will work most of
the time.  Sometimes it may break. I'd say that's that's probably not
the problem in this case, but lets make sure before we try other

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