On Tue, 03 Feb 2009 14:30:14 +0200
"DA Forsyth" <d.fors...@ru.ac.za> wrote:

> use RELEASE for a production server, STABLE on a desktop or test 
> machine.  IMHO

I'd say follow what it says in the handbook and use a release unless you
have a good reason to use stable, such as support for a particular
piece of hardware. 

If you use stable then every time you update for an advisory, you may
pick-up new features, which means you should pay as much attention as
you would with 7.0 -> 7.1. With point releases you are only getting
minor patches, so there is no need for mergemaster. I just run a single
script that does the full update. 

Also you can't use freebsd-update with stable.

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